When planning events, it brings her great joy to be able to have her mother’s dream live through her. As Courtney design and plan each event, she feels her mother presence by her side. Losing her mom to homicide was truly a tragedy. Nevertheless, Courtney graciously and peacefully moves forward, focused on what has blossomed out of it. Courtney believes God has the last say so in every situation! She hopes that her story inspires others to stay encouraged no matter what may come their way.

Welcome to Inspired By Annette!

Inspired By Annette is dedicated to the loving memory of owner Courtney Scipio's mother, Annette. Annette departed on February 25, 2012 after losing her life to a homicide. Annette always had a love for everything wedding and would try to get Courtney involved, but at that time she was not interested. Six months after Annette's departure, Courtney developed a desire to plan and design events which later birthed Inspired By Annette. 

Inspired By Annette is owned by husband and wife team Carlos & Courtney Scipio. IBA is a special event and rental company that focuses on weddings, non-profit, corporate and social events. We help create unique and memorable moments through creative planning and execution, while maintaining exceptional customer service!


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